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VBS Business Sponsorship

VBS Business Sponsorship Form

Valley Beth Shalom is proud to be part of a vibrant community and we appreciate your support through our Business Sponsorship Program. Our digital ad display is seen by more than 1,000 people per day as they travel through our Synagogue lobby to participate in religious services, educational programs, school activities and social events.
You may choose from five levels of one year sponsorships:
Premiere ($5,000)
Elite ($2,500)
Gold ($1,800)
Silver ($1,000)
Bronze ($500).
Ad size on the monitor will reflect those distinctions. Your ad/logo will be on permanent display from May 2019 until April 2020. Your sponsorship will also be recognized in a virtual tribute book at this year’s Gala, and if you sponsor at the Premier or Elite level, you are eligible to receive 2 tickets to our May 11, 2019 celebration.  

Please choose a sponsorship package option listed below:

**Premiere or Elite sponsorship includes two tickets to the May 11 Gala. 

Please list names of those attending (2 tickets per Premiere or Elite sponsorship)
Tue, October 15 2019 16 Tishrei 5780